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Moorhead Farms

FarmThe Moorheadville Moorheads settled in the Harborcreek area of Pennsylvania around the year 1800 with a purchase of land of 1000 acres.  Many of the current Moorhead families live on land from that original purchase. John & Cindy live on the land farmed by Cal Leet and his wife, the former Edith Moorhead.  When Edith died, John’s grandparents, James & Lida Moorhead, moved into the Leet house at 9152 Buffalo Road (built in 1900) to take care of Edith.

After Cal Leet and  James Moorhead died, John moved into that house when he was 11 years old to take care of his grandmother. John & Cindy have lived in that house since 1968, raising two sons, Michael & Andrew. There was already a tenant house (built around the 1890s) on the property, where Michael Moorhead now makes his home.


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