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This is a topic near and dear to our hearts, believing that we all benefit from 'shaking hands with our food', meaning that it is good to be able to look your food source in the eye.  It's good to know that the eggs you are eating came from chickens who had plenty of access to the outdoors, were cared for humanely, and ate a natural diet.  And the same goes for beef, pork, turkeys, and dairy products.

The farmer is often historically a poor marketer, wishing only to get his crop picked and delivered in a timely fashion.  This area still has a number of roadside fruit & vegetable stands, where the local farmer can display and sell his fresh produce, eliminating the middle marketing person.

There are a number of good books and articles written about the dangers of processed foods and the value of local food (see references). Of course, living local goes beyond merely what you eat; it also entails buying from local merchants and avoiding some of the large retail chain stores.

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